Thursday, 30 May 2013


Just so y'all know, i'm not encouraging abortion, its happens and when you want to proceed, you know how to protect yourself for future purposes. This is Nigeria, abortion is illegal, you can't just walk into any hospital to get the procedure done.

I have seen a situation were a woman dating a guy for 7 years with 5 abortion and no marriage. She eventually got married to a different man and no children because of multiple abortion.

Also, i read a story were the woman had no child for her present hubby because of careless abortion. Sometime, not all the long term relationship are meant to be, you could separate for so many reason and sometime men are heartless, they know they wouldn't marry you but advise you to get rid of the pregnancy because of their image or whatever excuses they cook up. After so much abortion and years of dating they leave for another girl.

Now ladies, having an abortion is to your own detriment. The man would neither feel your pain nor care, so, you can as well have your baby and forget about him.

We all know that abortion is the medical process of ending a pregnancy so it does not result in the birth of a baby. There are many reasons why a woman might decide to have an abortion. It could be because of personal circumstances, health risk, and maybe the baby has a medical condition. 

There are risks in abortion which is unlikely, for example, Haemorrhage( excessive bleeding) damage to the cervix, damage to the womb, and Asherman's syndrome.

The main issue or problem why so many women don't get pregnant after an abortion (D&C) is called Asherman Syndrome. You need to watch out for that.

Asherman's Syndrome, or intrauterine adhesions/scarring or synechiae, is an acquired uterine condition, characterized by the formation of adhesions ( scar tissue) inside the uterus and or the cervix. In many cases the front and back walls of the uterus stick to one another.

Pregnancy related D&C have been shown to account for 90% of Asherman's syndrome.  There is a 25% risk of developing Asherman's syndrome from a D&C that is performed 2 to 4 week after delivery.

The risk of Asherman's syndrome increases with the number of D&C performed; after a single termination the risk is 16%, however after 3 or more D&C , the risk increases to 32%.

Each case of Asherman's syndrome is different, and the cause must be determined on a case-by-case basis. In some cases, Asherman's syndrome may have been caused by an "overly aggressive" D&C.

Read well, prevention of Asherman's syndrome is the only and best solution. Either you use the drug method of abortion ( misoprostol) or you do D&C. To prevent it while you do D&C tell your doctor not to CURRETTE ( scrape) you to avoid injuries.

Let me explain in a layman's language. You know how the procedure goes, the doctor opens your virginal insert a tube to suck the blood out after that, he also insert a long iron and start to scrape your womb wall,. You understand now. When you see the iron (long iron) alert your doctor, tell him not to scrape you, you can tell him before he commence.

Asherman's syndrome causes infertility or miscarriage

Ladies, get a reputable D&C doctor, don't just walk into any hospital and assume that any doctor you see can do a D&C. You need a practicing doctor, a doctor that has been in that field for years. You can't get a dentist to perform a surgery, likewise you can't get anyhow medical doctor to do a D&C for you. Avoid quack doctors.

Many women are not aware of the implication of abortion. Read and share.

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